This is what Changsheng learned after fully studying the information of Peter Johnson.
Peter Johnson became a monk halfway, not trained as a goalkeeper from the beginning, or even as a football player from the beginning.
He used to be an amateur playing basketball in the street.
He joined Nottingham Forest at the age of sixteen because of his excellent physical fitness.
Just entering Nottingham Forest, he also plays as a central defender instead of a goalkeeper.
After playing for a year, the Nottingham forest youth training coach found that he was making slow progress in playing as a defender, and once doubted that he had no talent for playing football.
Until an accident, the goalkeeper of the youth team was injured and the substitution quota was finished, so Peter Johnson, who had had basketball experience, was pushed to the goalkeeper position by everyone. Unexpectedly, he played an excellent role in keeping the goal clean without losing.
It was at this time that the youth team coach discovered his talent as a goalkeeper, so that he changed to a goalkeeper and practiced instead.
Nowadays, the English media often talk about how talented Peter Johnson is. After three years of formal training, he can play in Nottingham Forest’s first team.
However, it is another message that Changsheng sees from this incident.
That is, the talented goalkeeper received basic training too short.
It can be said that he is a wild goalkeeper.
Of course, if a goalkeeper continues to practice his basic skills after becoming famous, it does not mean that it is impossible to continue to improve.
But it happened that Peter Johnson’s personality was very flamboyant. After he became famous, he became proud. What kind of basic training did he have? Now he doesn’t care much.
Every time someone criticizes him with this, he tells the other person that he is doing well and trying to keep the goal clean. That’s enough.
Indeed, he performed very well and saved the team from danger many times and tried to keep the goal clean.
But that’s definitely no reason for him to stand still.
Because he has not laid a solid foundation, his success is just a castle in the middle, and there will be problems one day.
Peter Johnson jumped up from the ground and shouted with his arms raised after saving Messi, which was called a difficult rub shot.
His action was naturally cheered by the fans who came to Nottingham Forest with the team, and also praised by the English commentator. "Peter Johnson’s outstanding performance ensured Nottingham Forest’s goal! Peter was very excited after saving Messi’s goal. I think Nottingham Forest fans will be relieved to see this because it means that Peter is in very good shape today! "
However, Chang Sheng stared at Peter Johnson and shouted, but sneered.
Some of the simplest truths, if no one comes to tell you, let me teach you!
Before the game, Chang Sheng told his players about Nottingham Forest goalkeeper’s weakness and made a design for it.
Messi’s kick just now was purely an accident. He was in that situation, so it was the most natural way to shoot, and he kicked it out as soon as he lifted his foot.
I didn’t deliberately pursue any decent shots.
But this foot also tries out the characteristics of Peter Johnson.
Sure enough, as the boss said, it is very powerful for saving difficult balls.
What about a low ball this time?
Messi slapped Peter Johnson and thought so.
Peter Johnson’s save boosted Nottingham Forest’s morale and the players were confident to hold the draw in front of Lazio.
This is why Peter Johnson can hold the position of the main goalkeeper of the forest team without a solid foundation.
Because of this goalkeeper, his difficult saves and rich body language can really mobilize players’ emotions and boost morale.
Having him around will give players confidence in defense.
It’s like a gain halo …
Then the two sides continued to be deadlocked and entangled in the game.
Nottingham Forest was so preoccupied with the defensive threat to Lazio’s goal that the game lasted almost 30 minutes and Nottingham Forest didn’t shoot a shot.
This kind of game seems to be no stranger to Nottingham Forest. They are very adaptable and have no sense of disobedience. Nottingham Forest fans are not ashamed because the forest team played for 30 minutes without even shooting their feet.
Lazio, on the other hand, is not in a hurry to make a fatal move, but goes back and forth in the middle and back court and slowly deals with Nottingham Forest.
This game seems to be about patience.
Changsheng also knows that it is unrealistic to expect to score a lot of goals in a game in the face of a team with excellent defense like Nottingham Forest. It is not easy to score a goal.
The victory or defeat of this game may be that one ball can tell the difference.
This game is doomed to be not wonderful but very important.
This is true for both Lazio and Nottingham Forest.
Chapter 30 Great defense
Lazio threatened Nottingham Forest attack again at half-time, and Messi finally shot the ball and was dragged over the crossbar by Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Peter Johnson.
Then the game reached a stalemate, and the scene was not very beautiful. Most of the time Lazio was in the ball, and occasionally there was a direct dialogue between Lazio and Nottingham Forest. The scene was fierce, but it passed quickly.