They quickly pulled out their semi-dry shoes and walked gently to the mouth of the cave. When they saw the moonlight, the trees were clear and picturesque, and they could be seen everywhere.

In addition to the peach grove, Duoping Kuang saw it far away, listening to thousands of trees swaying like a tide, and many people shouting like it, but no one was seen looking closely and suspicious. Yunfeng knew that it was a mountain breeze and he heard it wrong at the moment. When they look […]

"If you don’t come here, it’s not your job. If you want to help me, why don’t you go to the kitchen and help me make some side dishes? I haven’t eaten anything for a night yesterday. "Muqingfeng tried to divert Yingying’s attention.

I heard Mu Qingfeng blush like a ripe apple until last night. "Good male Yingying will do it." Yingying sounds like a mosquito. "Let’s go, eldest brother. I’m afraid I can’t ask why for a while, but at least our horse will know the result, right?" Muqingfeng greeted Bai Qiaoli. "Well, if Liu Min wakes […]