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Finally, the long debugging has finally been completed, and the two sides have officially entered the game, and the fans on the scene have already cheered for their support team.

Entering the bp screen, the organizing Committee of today’s team challenge curtain battle still let Bear and Yanyu explain it, which shows the importance attached to this game. "Hello, ladies and gentlemen, what you see now is the League of Legends Carnival Team Challenge. It can be said that today’s challenge has surpassed the carnival […]

Reluctantly moving his arm, he remembered that he was still holding the Jiu Ning Ding in his hand. His heart moved. He entered his purple fire into the Jiu Ning Ding as if he had found an outlet. Those dark purple fires that were transformed by the "Purple Fire and Blood God Yuan Zhu" in his abdomen rushed to the Jiu Ning Ding, and Song Changgeng’s body actually became a transit place.

After the balance of input and output bases, Song Changgeng carefully observed a’ Nine Ding Ding’, and now his purple fire was absorbed by those monsters sealed as Venus, and then turned red. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but want to scold himself for being such a fool. This Zi Long is now controlled by Nine […]

They quickly pulled out their semi-dry shoes and walked gently to the mouth of the cave. When they saw the moonlight, the trees were clear and picturesque, and they could be seen everywhere.

In addition to the peach grove, Duoping Kuang saw it far away, listening to thousands of trees swaying like a tide, and many people shouting like it, but no one was seen looking closely and suspicious. Yunfeng knew that it was a mountain breeze and he heard it wrong at the moment. When they look […]

Up to now, when the holidays have been cancelled after two consecutive games, the players’ dissatisfaction is getting bigger and bigger, and the words are naturally getting worse and worse.

Finally, after a new day of training, someone could not bear the pressure and turned himself in voluntarily. …… Chang Sheng shook his head when he looked at the "informer" in front of his desk. "You know, people here call the person who is hidden in the team department and is responsible for leaking some […]

If this is really fate, let fate go to hell!

No one can lose to Manchester United! Even if you fuck one of my midfielders now! Chapter 10 The Avenger Manchester United In fact, Arsenal later reached the semi-finals and met Manchester United. In fact, there is no need to make every effort to let Lazio and Manchester United meet in the quarter-finals. But maybe […]

Although the light will dim with the deepening, even the atmosphere will become deep and scary, there will be no danger in the place where Tongtie belongs to the safety zone

Not far from the alley, Wang Yang looked at a face of doubt, and Asina couldn’t help laughing. "What are you laughing at?" Asina frowned. "No, nothing." Wang Yang convergence smile slowly looked up through the alley in the middle of the debris can be seen vaguely belongs to the sky blue. "together?" Wang Yang […]