Zhang Hao had to sigh that when the Korean team is strong, it will continue to expand its advantages, while when it is weak, it will be a terrible thing to wait for the opportunity once it is seized.
Sk rushed to the line quickly. At this moment, it is already 23 minutes, and it is the dragon rhythm. sk can’t continue to play the S S S rhythm. After all, it hasn’t played any decent counterattack for so long. To win in this way is to give up.
At the moment, Zhang Hao went to the river to explore the situation of the Dragon. When Zhang Hao came out of the grass, he met the plane and the blind monk head on, and Rambo was coming here.
"I’m coming."
Erhong also saw the plane near Dalong and the blind monk whispered.
Seeing Rambo decisive in Zhang Hao nearby, an eq two-company plane has been handed over to Valkyrie to dive to get close to the Imperial Palace. At this moment, there is no displacement skill. Zhang Hao is very relieved to frame the plane with big moves.
However, the situation seems to be somewhat different from Zhang Hao’s imagination. The output of the plane and the blind monk is a bit high, which almost killed the blind monk directly.
"Holy shit"
Zhang Hao one leng this output is not scary.
Zhang Hao quickly marked the location of the enemy. The blood volume of the sk-fitted aircraft was running low, and the output was also very objective. When Cai Liangyan walked to the middle of the road, he saw a big move from the plane policewoman, but it had already been stared at.
The small method e skill was controlled by the policewoman, and then another set of face-rolling keyboard skills was not enough to easily take away the policewoman.
"This sk played a little bit collapsed, and the policewoman was directly seconds away, so if there is no group, there will be two people missing, and sk is a bit dangerous."
Brother donkey looked at the output of Dafa and was stunned. It was simply abnormal. It was a skill to go to the policewoman and play directly, and it was taken away directly without any room for resistance. It was domineering.
Sure enough, this wave is still a tragedy. sk hangs up the situation of two people first. The lion is a powerful force. Seeing that it is destroyed by the regiment, it is logical to fight the dragon.
"After the dragon, the chances of sk are a little small, and the big advantage of the bureau has not been grasped."
Brother Donkey regrets that sk made everyone shine at the moment, but it is still a pity that he failed to keep it.
When it came, it had already entered the final stage. S S pushed the line and took the tower to plunder resources to the extreme. sk’s money was further compressed, which made it very difficult for them to fight.
S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S
S ? s playing more and more ferociously, plus Cassadine’s small method has been basically developed, and the output can be described as abnormal. Even the heroic small method like Rambo is not a problem for a second, and sk knows the ending will be like this.
After 33 minutes, S ? S ? s massive attack finally took away the sk game. It was a pity that the sk Dream Bureau made everyone look forward to the performance of this game, but in the end, S ? S won the game better.
I have to say that the old team was more experienced and played steadily, and finally won the game.
"Cui Yinhe, you should pay attention to it."
After winning the first game, Huang Shengxian is still very dissatisfied with Cui Yinhe’s performance in the first game, and the collapse situation is also disappointing.
"I see."
Cui Yinhe can’t say much. This scene of Emperor gank is really sharp.
"that’s still me playing wild."
At the moment, Kai suddenly uttered this sentence.
"Well, you can fight."
Zhang Hao didn’t continue to insist on playing the wild position, but everyone could see that Zhang Hao played the wild position more fiercely than Xiao Kai, and the support was a hundred times stronger, which once caused the Korean team to collapse, which Xiao Kai could not reach.
However, Zhang Hao still traveled and promised to play a wild game
"The first game has ended. Congratulations to S? s for winning the victory in the inferior situation. At the same time, I hope sk will make persistent efforts. We were deeply impressed by the wild contest between the two sides. Both teams are good. Come on."
Watching the second game on the spot soon won this game. S S was the blue side’s choice and robbed a Casadin. It seems that Cui Yinhe was angry, too. This is a provocation from Chiguoguo.
There is a saying that you will get up from where you fall. This Korean situation is also angry.
"I’m wild."
Xiao Kai’s purple square directly chose Huang on the second floor, which seems to have a higher meaning than Zhang Hao’s. On the first floor, Er Hong chose a flexible guy named Naerdan, which is also very good to cooperate with Huang Hua. At the same time, Er Hong learned the lesson that there was no front row in a game and chose such a guy who can resist and fight.
In the end, the blue square S ? S array is a single Casadin wild blind monk, the single Lulu Road is a big mouth wind girl group, and the purple square sk is a single ice bird road in the wild emperor is a revenge spear dawn violent group.
For the second game, both sides value it equally. With the experience of the first game, S S will definitely be much more cautious.
Soon after the game, Xiao Kai chose red and S S S played wild. I don’t know if I learned a lesson and decided not to start the blue buff game as usual.
Both sides of the bureau are big monsters, but when they were soldiers, an unexpected place appeared, that is, Lulu arrived at the road and Casadin arrived at the middle of the road, so it was difficult for Erhong to play the long hand. Lulu was still very restrained about Naer.
When Xiao Kai finished playing the red buff, he quickly came to the middle of the road. Now even Brother Donkey laughed. "It’s also that Emperor Casadin seems to have a special liking for Casadin."
However, this time Casadin was not played by Cui Yinhe, but by Huang Shengxian, whose consciousness and exercise were far better than Cui Yin He’s. Huang Shengxian quickly retreated and narrowed the gap with the emperor, which led to the instant failure of Xiaokai gank.
Gao Chengfeng said that the gap with Zhang Hao is too big, but it is not good to spit out what can continue to line up with Casadin silently.
"Yi Huang’s style seems to have changed."