Entering the bp screen, the organizing Committee of today’s team challenge curtain battle still let Bear and Yanyu explain it, which shows the importance attached to this game.
"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, what you see now is the League of Legends Carnival Team Challenge. It can be said that today’s challenge has surpassed the carnival in terms of scale and quality, including super popular teams such as newblanegbsb who also participated in the carnival activities."
"Yes, this year’s carnival has created a new viewing record. According to the pilot, the ratings of the day have swept all the prime files, and the ratings of other programs have reached an astonishing 2%!"
"Hehe, misty rain, let’s not brag here. Let’s give the camera to the scene. Now it’s a bp link."
"We can see that there is no change in the gb and newblane formations in today’s game. The only change is the gb team." Bear paused and then said.
"gb is the same as we guessed before the game. Today, God M chose to play a single position. This is also a confrontation with fran, while God Zhou Ruobing is the way out. I don’t know what kind of chemical changes Lu Qian Feng can accomplish with God Zhou Ruobing."
"Well, the biggest attraction today, I think there is no doubt that God M is fighting fran. We all know that both God M and Park Youhuan have had apm for more than 1 time, and Park Youhuan has reached an amazing peak of 15."
"Now many people are questioning fran’s title, and I think fran fans must want to see Fran in a special stadium like Carnival to prove that they are ashamed of being an emperor."
"Yes, and God M defeated fran in the throne contest. I’m afraid this game is also fran’s revenge war."
Little Bear didn’t know that Liu Feng and fran had fought many times in private, including newblane and gb …
"Well, we saw that gb was lucky this time and guessed the blue side, so there was still a little advantage in the one-game winning game." When Xiao Xiong was talking in Kan Kan, he saw that the bp link had been officially established and immediately pulled the topic back.
"Yes, we look at the ban people on both sides. Oh, it’s still an urgent hero. ban dropped the hero Heurte. I think no matter what the consideration, I rarely choose this hero."
"Well, yes, and the purple newblane learned his lesson this time and dropped Vayne to ban. It seems that Vayne has become a hero of M-God ban on any occasion. I’m afraid we can see that when Vayne appeared, there was also a blind election with five wins."
"That’s right, the blue side still lost some rare heroes. It can be seen that gb is very popular in this game, and the purple side has no special ban people this time. Just like gb, ban lost some heroes who don’t often appear in the game."
"Well, I can see that the two sides are still relatively relaxed about this game."
In the pik link, Liu Feng chose to cheer the scene directly because he directly chose Yasuo, the swordsman!
This year’s carnival curtain performance of Liu Feng Yasuo made everyone feel shocked from the bottom of my heart. Now seeing Liu Feng directly locking Yasuo makes everyone’s hearts full of expectations for Liu Feng’s performance in this game!
Chapter 297 Coke Competition
In the end, both sides finished bp, the blue side gb chose the single Jax wild blind monk single Yasuo road combination male gun and the hammer stone purple side newblane chose the single crocodile wild emperor single fox road combination ez and the wind girl.
"Oh, the km player actually chose the blind monk instead of the clown he is best at. It seems that he has practiced a lot in private … Can you tell us something about misty rain?" Bear gave misty rain a problem directly.
"Ha ha, I think this suspense is left to the fans to answer. I can say that every player in gb is training in his own department, which I believe will bring different feelings to the fans." Yanyu downplayed the problem.
"Misty rain, you are as good as before … Now that both sides have entered the game, let’s focus on the game."
Gb and newblan entered the game, and both sides quickly bought the equipment for going out. This time, the two sides did not choose to hold a group to guard the red and blue buff.
Because their game is new today, Liu Feng and fran came yesterday and felt the new changes for the first time. When they returned, they explained the change of heart in the team.
The new changes include the addition of visual decoration and the reduction of the first four minutes of blood before the game, so that the former group guards the buff game and is not suitable for the current game rhythm.
It is more important for the new game to do a good job in the whole river view, because every hero can buy visual ornaments, so the new game method is five-star renju
Five people are scattered in Zhongsan Road to have a good view and prevent each other from invading their own wild areas.
When the audience saw that both sides were thoughtful and nodded, they wanted to wait until they got home late and after the carnival ended, I’m afraid all the high-end bureaus would have to change.
Because it was the first new official match and a blood loss, the two sides made their eyes in peace when they were on the battlefield.
In 1 minute and 3 seconds, the first wave of lines between the two sides was refreshed, and except for the road combination to help fight wild and red buff, the outer road and the middle road have directly reached the line.
When Liu Fengyaso met the fox, the scene remembered thunderous palms, including newblane fans who gave them to Liu Feng.
You know, Yasuo is a hero who just came out, which means that Liu Feng is in line with fran’s hero after a complete stranger, which has naturally given fran a 10% chance to win.
And Liu Feng dares to do this. Besides this is a carnival competition, it is even more worthy of admiration. I am afraid that Liu Feng’s confidence in himself is worthy of being the emperor!