After the balance of input and output bases, Song Changgeng carefully observed a’ Nine Ding Ding’, and now his purple fire was absorbed by those monsters sealed as Venus, and then turned red. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but want to scold himself for being such a fool. This Zi Long is now controlled by Nine Ding Ding Ding, and he still suffers foolishly. What do you do in transit?
Thought of here, he played the nine-setting tripod and listened to Yi Long sing a purple pillar of fire in the distance. There was a faint dragon-shaped life churning in it, and then he flew over the small one. Finally, he suddenly got into the mouth of the nine-setting tripod and didn’t see Song Changgeng. When he felt that the nine-setting tripod shook for a few times, he calmed down and took a closer look. Zi Long has been sealed into a Venus. Please go to more new chapters.
He just breathed a sigh of relief. Although the crisis has passed, Song Chang-geng’s own source purple fire has now become a deep purple, which means that it is more powerful, more wild and more destructive. It is also considered as every cloud has a silver lining many times. Perhaps it is because he absorbed too much evil fire. Song Chang-geng feels that he is now exposed to too much evil fire. Although it is uncomfortable, it seems to be okay.
Just a thought, he couldn’t help but think about it, suggesting that Jiu Ning Ding let Zi Long divide and reproduce. Life reproduction mainly depends on mating, but in Jiu Ning Ding, whether the theory of life is male or female or the androgyny of wild life is direct division and reproduction. It is impossible to limit reproduction if it is full of vitality, but this is theoretical and practical.
There are many technical problems if there are too many of them. For example, life is not made up of vitality; it is flesh and blood, so flesh and blood are not produced by producing great vitality, but there is a limit. There is no format for how much vitality life contains because of insufficient material.
The same is true of life in Jiuningding, but Song Chang-geng has his own method. He divided Zi Long into nine pieces after splitting and breeding, and then restored the Jiuningding to the root shape and size, carried it into the seawater of Baishi Island, and then started the absorption force. Seeing that Venus and red silk in the mouth of the Dinggai monster rotated to form a great suction force.
The absorbing power will suck the seawater in Fiona Fang for a mile or so and the life in it, which is not extinguished but still burning, into the tripod, and other substances in the seawater, which will be swallowed up by the new Kowloon after entering the tripod.
Life in seawater was sealed into Venus and then decomposed into raw materials, which were swallowed up by Kowloon and other monsters, making them grow up rapidly. Song Chang-gung’s observation while swallowing soon showed that not only the seawater and the life in the nearby sea were swallowed up, but also the fire was swallowed up. He estimated that this should be a road, because the fire was too empty, after all, it was not consumed in poverty, and it could be less and less. Please go to nine for more new chapters.
At the thought of this, he released Kowloon, which had already been formed, so that they could absorb too much evil fire, and then he choked back his discomfort and transferred the purple fire into the tripod to nourish other lives, so it was lost. When Song Chang-geng’s strength in the tripod was saturated, he realized that the base of too much evil fire was not flowing and was fixed in one place after being led.
Fiona Fang, a thousand miles away, has been cleared up by the base after being swallowed up by Kowloon himself. Previously, he had been busy transforming the roots and didn’t pay attention to seeing these too empty evil fires. After the base couldn’t be harmed, he didn’t greet Kowloon until he came back. He didn’t want to be greeted. When he saw it, he was startled and saw nine dragons with a length of nearly 100 meters hovering around. That power was really scary.
Collect Kowloon
After warming up, he looked around at the broken fire and the distant fire ~ He knew that he had absorbed the place about a thousand miles away from the center, but after this fire, it spread thousands of miles. Song Changgeng also felt that Naita’s strength had reached saturation and he was unable to absorb more new chapters. Please go to Nine.
After thinking about it, he put away the nine-setting tripod and went back to the broken Baishi Island to find the Qin sisters and others. After putting away the mirror of heaven and science, he told us about the general situation, and then told everyone to wait here for the time being and find a way to get out slowly. Because these are too empty, the fire is heaven and earth, and it is hard to get out.
Song Chang Gung was worried when Qin sisters looked at each other and nodded to each other. Qin took out two volumes of silk books and handed them to Song Chang Gung.
"The master wants to worry about how to get rid of these too empty evil spirits, right? Here are two volumes, one of which is a side door method that we used to practice, and contains many spells that we told us in those years.
The other volume is that we got the ancient Taoist formula. Now that we are in the worry gate, there are many multiplication formulas. We are naturally unworthy, but we can always add bricks and tiles. After that, we can refer to it more. In this volume, there is a spell called’ Beading Formula’, which is an ancient spell. It is mainly to condense all kinds of large-scale scattered forces of the same nature into beads.
The master doesn’t experiment with it, but he can condense these too-empty evil spirits with his own skill. First, he can solve this crisis and save life here, and accumulate merits. Second, he can get a lot of too-empty evil spirits. Whether it is a magic weapon or something else can increase his strength, right? "
Song Chang Gung gave her a puzzled look. After reading the two volumes of silk, he put it away and looked down for a while. "It’s really good. This spell is actually very simple. It is to operate the power of heaven and earth by yourself and condense a large number of scattered forces of the same nature into a circle. Although it is very simple, it is very good now!"
After listening to his praise for the Qin sisters, I couldn’t help but be delighted that the three of them had settled down in Shuangying and those children, and converged around together to condense them. Song Chang-geng condensed the too-empty evil fire into beads while making use of the immobile characteristics of the too-empty evil fire to make a passage to the outside, hoping to see the outside situation, but now he is too weak by himself.
Thousands of miles long, when will he go by himself? He suddenly remembered that Admiralty Island is not far away. I want Ye Bin and the four of them to unite and should be able to live without asking them for help.
So he came back all the way to find the direction of Admiralty Island. After he got there, Ye Bin and others were exploring nearby and saw Song Changgeng flying in. Everyone was happy. Cui Wugu flew in first and laughed. "Song Daoyou, we just saw a huge Zi Long burning with purple fire and devouring too much evil fire. It seems that Daoyou Zi Long doesn’t know but?"
Song Chang-geng nodded and told his own experience just now, and then said, "I got a condensed bead ancient method from the Qin sisters and gave it to you later. Then we will work together to create an outward channel with the help of the non-flowing characteristics of the too-empty evil fire. Please ask the friends outside to work together to eliminate these too-empty evil fires." This spell can’t be used until it is in its infancy. Please help me. "
Half of the masters Fu and Ye Bin said that nature should contribute. Although Jiang Zhi hates men, he also knows that this is a big deal. He is holding back his own nature. After listening to Song Changgeng’s explanation of the bead-setting tactic, everyone learned it just after a deduction. This is not difficult. In ancient times, because there were few people in heaven and earth, there were often condensation places. This spell was very popular.
Everyone encountered different kinds of strong vitality during their travels, but now for thousands of years, human beings have cut down too many trees, and the aura of heaven and earth has been consumed too much. Now there is a danger that the roots will disappear, and there will be no aura where there is condensation, but it is too secret and remote. This spell has been lost.
Ye Bin and half of the old nun received Shuangying and Qin sisters and children from Admiralty Island, and after they settled down, they joined the Qin sisters and seven people worked together to build a channel. When they took turns to rest for seven days, they had already built a round straight road with a diameter of more than 2,000 miles and three meters. Although they took turns to rest, everyone was tired except Song Changgeng, a fairy.
On this day, it was Qin Bi’s turn. Suddenly, she screamed. When everyone flew over, they saw that the outside was already bright. Finally, it was carved out. You know, although the fire was too weak to flow, the characteristics of crazy burning and destruction were there, and everything was heavy. If it was from the then period, it was estimated that it would be good to condense. It was impossible to continue.
Chapter five hundred and ten Magic Wave News
Blood in shushan Volume 51 Magic Wave Wind Chapter five hundred and ten Magic Wave News
If the fire is so easy to deal with, it will not be the main part of the magic religion’s treasure selection. This fire is already the strongest force that people can make, and there is also a strong force that will destroy the balance of the whole person and is prohibited from being used by people.
Song Chang-geng can absorb too much evil fire by his own eccentric purple fire and nine-setting tripod, but he can be concise by law. When they look at the skylight, Song Chang-geng and others all took a long breath. After everyone expanded the hole, Jiang Zhiyun took the lead in flying outward. Just after flying, a colorful light turned back. She released a flying sword to cut it, but it was still bounced back. Everyone was stunned.
Ye Bin and others carefully identified the sea the day before yesterday, and Cui Wugu regretted that "this magic weapon seems to be a defense, but it is similar to Taoism, but it is not evil. It should be an ancient magic weapon. It covers a large area from the sky to the sea. It should be afraid that it is too empty to go out and harm people. It may be made by friends who are right."
Song Chang-geng knew who it was after a little inspection, because he knew that this thing was naturally familiar to its owner as "too hookah", but it was as rare as his own Taiyi Jinlin boat. It was originally a Han Xian thing in Baixi Lake, Minshan, Sichuan Province, and was later given to his child Jade Butterfly by Yixiu.
The name of this thing is Luo, which is actually a thin layer of treasure net folded from time to time. The size of the exhibition is hundreds of feet. If the skill is enough, it can be expanded. The wonderful thing is that there is no magic weapon. If you don’t touch it, there will be no trace. How smart you are? You can see how fierce the smoke marks are. There is no attack ability, but the defense is in the front. If it is B-repair, the husband and wife are too fond of small heads. How can this treasure not be given away lightly?
As soon as he saw this thing here, he knew that his own people had arrived, so as soon as it was clear and blazing, he saw more than a dozen swords of light in various colors. When the "Taiyi hookah Luo" stopped, Song Chang-geng saw that there were many acquaintances, including Han Xian and Miao Yi, and other fairies and other little girls.
As soon as she saw Song Chang, she couldn’t help but shout excitedly and cast a tactic quickly. After that, she put a big hole in "Taiyi hookah Luo". Before everyone went out, she had flown in and entered Song’s arms. Her delicate little face rubbed tears and snot on Song Geng’s clothes for a few times before she raised her face.
Ye Bin and others didn’t disturb them. They all flew to meet Han Xian and others. They probably said something. At this time, Song Geng also coaxed the little girl and held her to fly over. He knew that he had said the cause of everyone’s white feelings, and then Ye Bin and others asked how they came. Han Xian told everyone that she and Yixiu went to the original place to find them.
It turned out that their husband and wife were looking for Song Changgeng in the south ice and snow. Now these things are abnormal. Only after a look did they know that the catastrophe has formed a combination of two people so that B can find someone in the middle of the country, while Han Xian is here waiting for Song Changgeng to listen to his husband and wife looking for himself. He can’t help but be greatly moved to hold his little girl and salute Han Xian. He just wants to thank her for being stopped by Han Xian.
Then Han Xian laughed. "Brother Song, don’t you, my camel is a congenial brother. We just want to help if we don’t look at the little girl’s points."
When I heard that you were lost in the light, everyone else was bounced. We were afraid that you were in a coma at that time. If you were lost in the Antarctic and no one rescued you, you didn’t know when you would come back, and my little girl and Qin sisters were not suitable for us. We just came home. If we have something to help, it’s natural to say that those rituals are welcome now. Please come over and talk about everything now. "
Song Chang Gung nodded his head. He knew that there were some things to talk about when he first met the other party at the mysterious ranch in the Arctic in. Both the other party and himself regarded each other as friends. If it was a husband and wife who had something to do, they wouldn’t sit back and watch themselves remember that their hearts were white. It would be boring to say more.
A few people simply chatted and waited for the wonderful lady to fly over and smiled at Song Changgeng. "Song Daoyou heard that you have made a lot of gains in the light. Congratulations, but also thank Daoyou for letting the children and several younger brothers live. It is really sad that this little Antarctic gave birth to such a thing. Fortunately, Daoyou found a way out to solve this disaster perfectly. I thank Daoyou on behalf of the people here."
Note: I forgot when I wrote it, but later my friend woke up and realized that the Zhen brother was killed in Ziyun Palace. It was a mistake to appear in the light line. Please forgive me, but it is too much trouble to change it as a whole because it is not changed. I am really sorry for you. Please include these words, not three words, not money.)
After saying that, Mrs. Miao Zheng made a ceremony, and Song Changgeng was very disgusted with the wrinkle after holding the little girl.
There is no need to run on me when he doesn’t arrive, that is to say, he shouldn’t be the master there.
Speaking of which, I killed many of your younger brothers in Emei, and you destroyed my abode of fairies and immortals. Although everyone fought several times, they didn’t hurt their bones and muscles, but they were different. At that time, I didn’t want to kill your son in the light. That’s a lie, but he was lucky to get together for various reasons to keep me from being killed in this small Antarctic incident. What’s the matter with Taoist friends? I naturally welcome your Emei Sect to come, but can you represent everyone? "
Although everyone else is talking, they are all listening here to listen to Mrs. Miao’s speech. It’s okay, but Song Chang’s one bite is full of gunpowder, which makes everyone feel surprised. They are all afraid that they will fight here, especially when they hear Song Chang-geng talking so rudely. Everyone knows that he and Emei seem to be in a state of fire and water. I don’t know if we can resolve it.
At this time, I came to Huangshan Mountain with Mrs. Miao Yi, and the master of Dinxia also flew over and said, "Taoist friends are wrong with me. Although the Sect dare not say that it is the leader of the right path, there are things to be done to solve this disaster. Han Xian invited us to come here. Emei Sect is almost three generations. How can it not represent everyone?"
Speaking of which, she shook her hand and wouldn’t let her say that Mrs. Miao continued, "Daoyou, since she is here, wants to come to the little god A Tong to say it’s true. Daoyou has come to the light. With this cave, Tianbao won’t compete with us for the paradise after coming to Daoyou, right? Hehe, in this way, everyone can always resolve some entanglements
It just so happens that my brother zhou yun found a treasure in the southwest, that is, the magic wave pool where Yihuanling Shenggu lived. However, there are Kunlun abandoned disciples Yin Su Tang and Chicheng talking about it. They are your worried people and were ordered to guard there. It’s ridiculous. Everyone knows what kind of stuff they are. I wonder how Taoist friends can take them in. It’s a fake.
It’s not as good as the light, but it’s far from it. I think Taoist friends won’t argue with us, will they? Moreover, even if it is occupied there, it is necessary for us to get there. If it is a Taoist friend, how can it be occupied? "
Song Chang Gung just spoke, but the little girl in her arms cried, "Someone came out." When everyone turned to look, they saw Song Chang drilling out of that passage one after another. More than 200 people saw Ye, who were trying to leave from the other side, but they were all turned back by the little girl "Taiyi hookah Luo". These people started to attack when they were in a hurry.
I don’t want this treasure to be so powerful that they can’t break through these people. The leader is Yunlei, a real person. I hope that Yunlei Xianwang protected everyone at the beginning, but it survived the initial explosion of the fire. After the fire was fixed, he contracted the defense and everyone was barely suspended, but he was unable to rush out.
Later, although it was strange for the existing huge life to fly in Tai Shahuo, I didn’t know what it was, but I didn’t have the courage to go out. Zi Long was ordered to absorb Tai Shahuo, but ignored anything nearby. Li Wang and others all escaped a life, and they only flew out after they were swallowed up by a dragon and thousands of miles near Fiona Fang appeared.
When they found the nearby island and saw the palace destroyed by the fire robbery, all the people were very angry. Finally, Li Wang didn’t stop everyone. Wu Lingzhu was refined into a magic weapon by Wu Shenshi, and then everyone went separately to find a lucky person. After a few days, more than 200 people converged. They have been carefully observing and knowing that the dragon that devoured the fire was owned by Song Chang, a fairy.
I’ve been hiding from him, but I’m watching him from a distance. When Song Chang-geng and others are busy building the channel, the environment is blocked. Now they Li Wang and others estimate that the channel will be built almost before they come, but they don’t know that the more difficult it is, the more tired it is.
Song Chang-geng and others didn’t come out for a while. Li Wang waited for so many days. The other party didn’t come back. It should be all right. They didn’t want to fly up in the last paragraph with Song Geng and their front feet. As soon as they saw them, Song Chang-geng and others knew that they were lucky, but obviously they were all sidelined. Huangshan Dining Xiada had already flashed his innate sword and said, "I was lucky enough to be killed by evil spirits."
However, before she went out, Song Geng’s five elements of sword light stopped her. Song Chang sneered, "If the master wants to go, don’t start work in front of me. These people came out from my tunnel and can’t be disposed of by Emei. Besides, Yin Sutang and Chicheng are both worried about the door and the long wave pool, and I’m worried about the door and the house. It’s not your turn to take care of my own affairs. If you want to rob my abode of fairies, just say not to find those high-sounding excuses. It’s not that we can’t fight without fighting."
[End of Volume 51]
Chapter five hundred and eleven doom middleman
Blood in shushan Volume 52 Magic Wave Chapter five hundred and eleven doom middleman
As soon as you listen to Song Chang-geng, you know that he has been afraid of the Emei faction because of his new land. Two years ago, the Emei faction destroyed him. Two houses in Beppu are already in a state of potential fire and water. Now the magic wave pool is fighting again. Yuzryha Bin and Cui Wugu and others are very depressed. They are friendly with both sides to help each other, and there are too many things to say about right and wrong.
Just when everyone didn’t know how to persuade Han Xian to break through the light, he smiled. "My husband and wife have invited many people separately because the catastrophe is too huge. We have been trying to find a way to find a way. When we met you this wave, we have already sent a message to others. Presumably, they sent a few leaders to come over, just as everyone discussed how to deal with this catastrophe."
Cui Wugu also laughed. "Even now, if this robbery is not handled as soon as possible, I’m afraid it will lead to other things. You | two abode of fairies and immortals are fighting for this one, which is a small matter. I don’t think it’s as good as this. Two temporary entanglements, such as? After all, it’s not good for everyone to be in the same boat, and things should be prioritized first. "