Shook his head and put these thoughts behind him. After losing the protective cover, Shi Fei gave himself a god. There was a shield just now, but now it’s the last life left!
After he carefully held the golden gun, Shuai rode direwolf to the 7,900-meter section and looked at the left corner. At this time, there were more than 110,000 points.
"If it goes well in the kilometer, the horse will have 120 thousand."
Thought of here, Shi Fei seems to have taken a reassurance, and direwolf seems to be moving more steadily.
Then direwolf came to a fault zone.
Behind the fault pit in front is a flat land that is meters long. There is a spur at the left and right ends of the flat land, and there is a flash in the middle of the flat land. Behind the flat land, there is a 10-meter fault, and the flat land in front of the same section echoes back and forth.
Because there is a similar road station about four kilometers ahead, Shi Fei did not pay much attention to this point
However, the difference at four kilometers is that there is no flash point in these two flat lands. Before Shi Fei directly jumps to the middle point of the Miping road in front of the track, it also avoids the danger of hitting the thorns on both sides.
But if the extra two flash monsters are here, it will be fatal if we follow the law just now!
They saw Shi Fei leaping over the ground in front of the fault and jumping again when he arrived at the fault riding a golden gun from direwolf!
Look, the landing point of direwolf should be just after the first ground stab in the flat ground after the fault, so that it can slide smoothly after landing, and then everyone is relieved to see this through the flash.
However, at this moment, everyone was suddenly surprised to see that the golden gun handsome did not choose to land after turning over twice, but once again started the triple jump skill! Look at that direwolf landing direction is not good!
Shi Fei, the physical party, suddenly exclaimed "No …" after clicking the jump button for the third time.
It turned out that when Shi Fei was more than 4,000 meters away, it often fell three times in a row, but now there are flash monsters in this section of more than 4,000 meters away! But forming a habit on weekdays almost made him involuntarily point out the triple jump skill!
At this moment, seeing direwolf without shields is like a moth to the ground, and the flash monster bravely and fearfully hits it!
Chapter 62 Try running ten thousand meters!
"pa! ! !”
With a less beautiful but more familiar music playing, Shi Fei direwolf, on the left side of the front screen, galloped forward with four short legs, as if he had heard the slogan of attention.
There was a slightly uneasy riot in the crowd.
Zhang Shaotian, who was concentrating on manipulating the orange wings, felt the unusual in the meeting room and raised his eyelids. At this time, Shi Fei looked like a defeated and unfortunately arrested veteran who looked a little restless.
"Ha ha! Shi Fei bro, you really hang up unexpectedly again! "
Zhang Shaotian laughed unceremoniously, making Shi Fei extremely unhappy. Looking at Zhang Shaotian, he also came to the front of these two strange fault sections. Although this game seems to be a loser, Shi Fei still growled, "Smile! You have to die here! "
"oh? That’s not true! Let me teach you how to run at this point! "
Zhang Shaotian’s mouth keeps flowing, but the key movement in his hand is ash.
Seeing him jump before the fault, he clicked the double jump button just before he wanted to fall into the pit.
In order not to step on the back platform, the flash monster must not jump before the first fault, otherwise it will hit the monster like Shi Fei. Because the distance of the first fault is not too short, try to avoid falling and stabbing in the middle of the second jump. It is best to lengthen the jump slightly, which can not only ensure that the jump does not step on the ground, but also avoid the tragedy of hitting the flash monster by the third jump.
Zhang Shaotian was left alone, and the screen was particularly eye-catching. At this time, twenty or thirty pairs of eyes in the conference room cast their eyes on the surface.
At present, the handsome young man riding an orange-winged golden gun smoothly landed behind the first ground thorn on the platform and in the flash-strange mid-range, followed by Zhang Shaotian who leaned over and slid the golden gun. The handsome young man seemed to be slightly bleached due to fading, and his long hair almost clung to the flash-strange ass. The blue laser slipped past that VIP desperate efforts laser only had a thin line!
Slipping out of the first flash range, Shuai slammed into the back of the thorn and suddenly jumped over. Before everyone could blink, Zhang Shaotian clicked the jump button!
Double jump …
"No … triple jump!"
Shi Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the two jumps were very short at intervals. Many people didn’t come to see exactly how many times they jumped, and then they saw Zhang Shaotian’s two-gun marshal had landed on the second platform, and then saw him glide over the flash monster and turn over and jump out of this difficult point that killed Shi Fei.
"Strange … he jumped three times in front of the second platform, but nothing fell on the flash monster?" Shi Fei has some questions in his mind.
Zhang Shaotian saw that he had reached an safe zone at this time. Lang said, "The fault distance between the two platforms is longer than that in front of the first platform. It takes three jumps in front of the second platform, and the second jump will fall to the ground, but the interval between jumps in the third jump can’t be too long, otherwise it will hit the second platform. Have you learned to flash the strange brother?"
Shi Fei heard one leng one leng Zhang Shaotian faint before this moment let him have a sense of invincible.
"This little day should be the most powerful person in the creation team. It’s understandable that he won this game. If he comes back in the last two games, he can also win …"
He comforted himself in his mind
Thought of here, although Shi Fei was angry, he did not drop his face and said, "This place is not really difficult. Why don’t you try running 10 thousand meters?"
What’s wrong with you? Pretend to make you look bad in front of me!
"You think it’s impossible?" Zhang Shaotian asked with interest.
"You run a try!" Shi Fei confirmed that Zhang Shaotian couldn’t do it. No one can run 10,000 meters in front of him!
Although Shi Fei has recognized Zhang Shaotian’s strength at the bottom of his heart, he thinks it is an impossible event to run to 10,000 meters!
"Lie trough! Don’t be young, I’ll show you now! " Zhang Shaotian seems to be Shi Feimao at this moment.
After the difficulty just now, Zhang Shaotian has come to a section of more than a thousand meters.
* * After a kilometer, the speed of the road section is much faster than before, and the difficulty is increased by adding obstacles. It can be said that it has risen a lot.
When everyone looked at Zhang Shaotian, his face looked more serious than before. Obviously, he didn’t give up until he was 10,000 meters!
It seems that Zhang Shao-tian has successfully reached a distance of more than 9,500 meters after running through two or three locations that are not too difficult.
Looking at Fang’s fever trough, he felt happy when he saw that there was already%. "It’s not easy to run for about 300 meters and get more than 200 meters in the super prize to reach 10 thousand meters?"
Nine thousand six hundred meters … Nine thousand seven hundred meters …
As the orange motorcycle in front ran out of the distance, Shi Fei’s face became more and more gloomy, and suddenly he was ecstatic when he saw a road ahead!
"Lie trough! There is such a place? ?” Looking at the screen in front of the road, there was an exclamation among the crowd.
It turned out that a difficulty formed by the combination of four faults appeared in front of Zhang Shaotian after he slipped through two adjacent baffles.
When passing through the first fault pit, two missiles each whizzed obliquely from both sides of the fault, leaving a route that looked a little careless and was smashed by a fierce missile;
In the second fault, the two missiles leap in front of the same route, but one behind the two missiles is replaced by a flash monster. Although the actual route is the same, the flash monster looks bigger than the missile, which means that the second fault is more difficult to pass than the previous one!
When crossing the third fault, the number of missiles on the fault side decreased by one, but on the other hand, a missile close to the horizontal line was added on the basis of a missile just now and a flash of blame! Nima … You need to be careful for a flash, and now you have added two missiles!
Moreover, there is an invisible difficulty in the third fault. Players can follow the Chinese gold coin line through the first two faults, but there is a missile in the third pit that can completely jump over the surface. But when you happily prepare to click the jump button, maybe inertia thinking has manipulated your button finger to make Shuai enter the pit a few seconds late, and then he can jump just enough to hit the missile in the third pit …
Chapter 63 Two consecutive victories
It seems that it wants to bring heartbeat pressure to the first three faults, and the fourth fault section is less difficult. There are a few faults, and two missiles flew straight through at the end with Xiao Shuaiqiao’s ass.
From the first two baffles in front of the first fault to the end of the second baffle in the back of the fourth fault, a long gold coin line runs through these four faults and stretches in the pit, which seems to guide the player to the most regular route.