In addition to the peach grove, Duoping Kuang saw it far away, listening to thousands of trees swaying like a tide, and many people shouting like it, but no one was seen looking closely and suspicious. Yunfeng knew that it was a mountain breeze and he heard it wrong at the moment.
When they look at the starlight again, it’s already late, and their shoes are half dry and too lazy to bake, so they put out the residual fire and sit by the fire, which is their daily homework.
Since I entered the innate realm, I have been doing this all the time, instead of sleeping, I meditated and breathed. At first, I was diligent and tired, so I took a rest and continued to sit. Later, I became a habit and never fell asleep.
Today, although I was too tired, I waited for the air conditioner to run evenly for 12 days, and then my body recovered overnight. When the morning dawned, both of them closed their work at the same time, opened their eyes and got up and walked a little. Yunfeng felt that the skeleton was unobstructed, which was different from that after daily exercise.
After she wanted to think, she asked Xiang Ying. She felt the same way. Yunfeng felt strange and hesitated for a while. It was irrelevant because of the increased capability, so she didn’t take it back.
They simply ate a few fruits, but suddenly they heard a noise outside the cave, but the sound became louder and louder. Obviously, it was not a mountain breeze. At the last moment, both of them had a good time in their hearts. After they calmed down, they slowly walked to the mouth of the cave and listened to the noise outside the cave. They were sharp and thin, and their footsteps were very light, as if many people were flying nearby.
When they looked out of the stone gap, they suddenly heard a scream. Three or five two-foot shadows flew up from outside the cave like birds and went straight to the side slope to cast a glance.
Yunfeng and Xiang Ying have sharp eyes, etc. Early on, they could see that it was a few villains. They were suspicious yesterday. No matter whether people outside were strange or busy, they pushed the big stone blocking the hole and drew their swords in their hands. When they saw that the outside of the cave was full of branches, they seemed to want to burn their cave.
Two women in the mind a fiercely know these little things I’m afraid there is nothing good to Ann looked at each other, and they all went to the longitudinal slope. As soon as they arrived, they saw a piece of flat land on the slope with thousands of flowers, clothes and hats. Each of them was less than half a meter high, only as big as a three-year-old child, but the rows of geese in each class were very neat.
There are three small wooden chairs, one man and two women. The man is slightly tall and looks old, like a villain. Three people are kneeling in front of Xiao Xiao’s complaint.
As soon as Yunfeng and Xiangyun appeared, the group of little people screamed like mosquitoes, dispersed like flies, and became a rampage in front of Xiao Wang, each bowing his bow and arrow to go out to the DPRK.
The villain Wang suddenly stood up from his seat and walked to the front of his mouth, babbling. Among the group of villains, a villain came trembling and approached Yunfeng and Xiangying for a few steps. First, he threw his bow and knife in his hand and scratched his fingers in his mouth. It was a pity that the two women couldn’t understand what he said.
Of course, I’m not in the mood to listen to them. They’re already stunned by what they see. It’s incredible that such a small person has men, women, old people and young people looking at them like a country.
Yunfeng saw that these little people seemed to have a lot of people, and although they didn’t understand their language, they also saw that these little people seemed to be afraid of them.
Xiang Ying looked curious and wanted to go over to see Yunfeng. She shook her head. She knew that if she approached him, she would definitely scare him away. She was there waving at the villain repeatedly to lead him to catch him and see if it was a person or a monster. Xiang Ying also reflected that she knew she was having a hard time. These little things must be timid.
The little man looked at him and was still timid. Yunfeng took Xiang Ying and learned from him that he would return the sword to the scabbard and was malicious. Wang had originally suspected that Yunfeng and Xiang Ying were monsters, and they had chased after each other to send someone to make peace and ask the two women what they wanted. Seeing Yunfeng’s hand in hand, he repeatedly tried to eat the little man.
Look at that he sent to the villain to hold back, fearing that Yunfeng would be annoyed with them, and then he called two people behind him with a card.
When his voice declined, four of the five little people walked out of the team behind him. They pressed the little person who had been sent first, took out the rattan rope from the side, tied it up and knelt before Wang.
The other one took off his clothes and revealed a white skin, and two women came to the slope trembling. It suddenly dawned on them that these little people regarded themselves as monsters and specially chose a subject to sacrifice. They looked at each other angrily and funny, and wanted to check whether he was the right person to send the door like this for the time being.
Before the villain approached, Xiang Ying couldn’t help but stretch out his hand. When he saw that he was born like a three-year-old baby, his bones and muscles were strong and his flesh was much more solid. The rest of his facial features, hands and feet were all different.
Moreover, his back is also printed with a line of crooked, askew and pictographic handwriting. I don’t know what it means, but I still want to ask questions, but this little man is already stunned by the shock.
Yunfeng saw that his eyes were closed and his heart was slightly ups and downs, and he kept knowing that the gas was still small and fragile, and he couldn’t withstand setbacks. Instead, he pitied Xiang Ying and said, "When I was a child, I listened to my father and said that the ancient country was as small as a baby. Is this such a person? Unfortunately, I can’t ask him something because I can’t speak. "
Xiang Ying, however, had a big heart and sat down. She put the villain on her knees and gently stroked his chest, trying to save him from the group of villains who suddenly listened and sobbed.
Volume 16 Romantic clouds gather Chapter one hundred and fifty-five It’s hard to get home.
A few disciples were telling stories in Taiyi Jinlin boat when they suddenly felt someone touching Taiyi Jinlin boat to defend it. It turned out that Song Changgeng’s Taiyi Jinlin boat was just suspended in the clouds.
It’s defense. Listening to two disciples telling stories, I didn’t expect someone to show Taiyi Jinlin boat. After he looked at the eye mirror, it turned out to be Yixiu.
This made him wonder that he quickly withdrew his defense and let him in. Song Changgeng laughed. "Brother B came here? I didn’t bother your husband and wife to get together. How did you get out so soon? "
B Hugh sat in a chair in dismay and said, "Goodbye, my wife won’t let me in. After talking a lot outside, she drove me away. I can’t help it. Now you’re here again."
"oh? What is this? Won’t sister-in-law forgive you? Still blaming you? " Song Chang Gung couldn’t help asking curiously how a woman who never gave up on her husband at the expense of herself could not see her husband after such a long separation. Did she have any resentment?
"If it wasn’t for her roots, she didn’t complain that I didn’t know how happy I was when I made it out successfully. It means that now she has lost her body and missed the time of reincarnation. Now Yuan Shen has been concise, but she doesn’t want to let me see it now, but she won’t see me. It’s almost a thousand years old. Do I still care? "
B Hugh can’t help but say with chagrin that of course he knows that his wife means that he doesn’t want to see her sad, but how can he rest assured that she is there alone, although nothing has happened?
Song Changgeng sighed after listening to the second break, "In the ancient times, a scholar knew himself, and a woman died, and a woman loved herself. She wanted to be a wife, but she didn’t want you to see her now!"
At this time, my little girl cleverly made tea again and handed it to Hugh. When she saw her carefully, Hugh felt pity in his heart, but he couldn’t help worrying about his wife.
Seeing that they all stopped talking, Ling Yunfeng said in a small way, "Where is Master going now? We are here to send a villain to Baixitan. Are we still going now? "
Song Chang-geng didn’t speak, and Yi Xiu had already asked, "Are you going to Baixi Lake? What little man? Where is it? Oh! By the way, who are you? "
Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying were embarrassed. Just now, they had seen that this person was a friend of the master, but the master didn’t introduce him. Now people don’t know what to say when they ask.