Finally, after a new day of training, someone could not bear the pressure and turned himself in voluntarily.
Chang Sheng shook his head when he looked at the "informer" in front of his desk. "You know, people here call the person who is hidden in the team department and is responsible for leaking some exclusive news to the media" Deep Throat ".Most of these" Deep Throats "are just helping, but a few people will choose to accept money … In fact, I never thought about why it would be you? I will be a player who has played for the team for many years … In fact, I have vaguely guessed that it is you, but this question still bothers me-what will be you? "
He leaned forward and stared at aimar, the clown in front of him.
Aimar’s expression is very unnatural, and it is particularly cramped in the constant victory.
"I … I didn’t mean to … I’m not a’ deep throat’ … that reporter and I are very good. When I first arrived in Valencia, he helped me find a house. He was very good to me. He was a native of Argentina … we were friends …"
Changsheng laughed when he heard this. "But obviously your friend betrayed you. Doesn’t he know that players shouldn’t tell the outside world about the team?"
"I don’t know … I talked to him about it after dinner … I really didn’t expect him to be published in the newspaper … then I called him and scolded him. He promised that I would never do it again … I …"
Aimar said he couldn’t go. He didn’t expect that joking with friends at the dinner table would bring him so much trouble.
He is a little scared and nervous.
Because he know that coach’s tricks.
You’ll know who he is when you watch him clean up zahovic and Ibrahim.
Those Madrid media have really wronged this man by giving him a nickname-"tyrant"! A total dictator!
Chang Sheng looked at the Argentine player who was particularly nervous because of nervousness and fear.
Aimar is a famous star, and he has been very familiar with players since he was a fan.
But I didn’t expect that it would be him who fell on his hand …
He still attaches great importance to aimar. After all, in the current Valencia team, aimar is the kind of player who can shoot and burst into energy, and he also has a kick.
Such players are "game breakers" in their own tactics.
When the ball has torn the opponent’s defense, it is necessary to find the "game breakers". They have superb personal ability and can break the deadlock by themselves.
How many people are the absolute main force and will not be rotated?
First, two lower backs, followed by aimar.
Even Ibrahimovic is not because the team still has Villa, and Villa may even surpass Ibrahimovic in scoring ability.
However, there is no substitute for aimar. Although there is a Romanian player Selban in name, Selban is far behind aimar in all aspects and cannot replace aimar.
If aimar can’t play, he will have to change his formation.
I used to win because I expected aimar to be healthy and stable.
But now … he is faced with a problem, that is, does discipline really take aimar?
In fact, before aimar himself came out, Changsheng had vaguely guessed that it was him
He didn’t really wait for the "prisoner" to turn himself in, but he was still observing and trying to find that person himself.
He observed for two weeks and found that aimar’s state fluctuated abnormally.
Aimar started these games, but his performance was obviously not as good as the previous games.
Not only in the competition, but also in the training.
Something seems to be bothering him.
What else can happen recently? Isn’t it a matter of "informer" identity?
Now that aimar is the informer, should I be magnanimous or severely punish aimar according to my original idea?
"To tell you the truth, aimar, I’m disappointed. I didn’t expect it to be you. You don’t look like the kind of person who likes gossiping, but it’s you … what can I say?" Changsheng shook his head. "You know the discipline of the team. No one can violate it. I will punish you, but I hope you fully realize your own mistakes instead of complaining that I am targeting you. Of course, if you really want to hold a grudge against me, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I have more enemies than you."
With that, Changsheng threw out the punishment result he gave aimar.
"if you come out for the first time, you will be suspended for one game, which is just a rest for you, but now you have waited for two games before you come out. My punishment decision is that you will be suspended for three weeks and three weeks. You have no chance to play in all games, whether it is the League of Nations or the UEFA Cup or the King’s Cup, including the warm-up match. If so, you have to go to team B to report on you in these three weeks. After three weeks, I will let you return to the first team."
Still coming!
Aimar’s heart was trembling with blood when he heard Chang Sheng say this.
It sounds as if I need to go to team B for three weeks, but who knows if I can ask the first team if I can get a chance to play again after three weeks?
Aimar really has no confidence in his future.
Being suspended for three weeks like this means that he has lost his main position, possibly a season opportunity …
Now he hate that reporter who expose what he said.
That reporter from Super Sports was blacklisted in aimar.
"Oh, and you have to apologize to Villa in front of the team players. Because of your big mouth, you have caught Villa in the whirlpool of public opinion. At this time, the media frequently put a lot of pressure on him, so you have to apologize to him. Do you understand that?"
Changsheng added
Aimar woodenly left nodded.
"Well, go for nothing. I’ll make you apologize to Villa before afternoon training. I hope you’re ready."
With that, Changsheng waved his hand and buried himself in research and training materials, never paying attention to aimar again.
Aimar froze in place for a while and then walked away.
When aimar walked away, Changsheng looked up at the gate again and shook his head.
Before the afternoon training, Valencia players looked at aimar in surprise. He made a formal apology to Villa in front of the team players.
I don’t know what to say when I’m at a loss for Villa.
Can keep saying "I forgive you, I forgive you … I never blame you …"
After getting Villa’s understanding, aimar apologized to his teammates. He told reporters about the team and apologized.
Although he was actually sold by his reporter friend …
But in any case, he did it once, which is very shameful. He won’t let him apologize to the team, but he did it anyway. It seems that he wants to show his repentance and determination in this way.
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Many people didn’t expect it to be that honest aimar … Before, everyone had a lot of speculation, either that he was not popular in the team’s player list or that he usually liked to jump in the media circle and meet many journalists and friends.
But who would have thought that it would be aimar, an Argentine who had just arrived in Valencia for less than a year?