No one can lose to Manchester United!
Even if you fuck one of my midfielders now!
Chapter 10 The Avenger Manchester United
In fact, Arsenal later reached the semi-finals and met Manchester United.
In fact, there is no need to make every effort to let Lazio and Manchester United meet in the quarter-finals.
But maybe it’s because God thinks that putting Lazio into the semi-finals of the Champions League is a great achievement, and he doesn’t want this to happen.
It hopes that the winning team will stop at the top.
Anyway, in any case, Lazio met Manchester United, the best player in the quarter-finals, and modric, the core of Lazio midfield organization, also played because of a strained thigh muscle.
Although Lazio is one goal ahead at this time, everyone knows that Lazio’s lead is actually very fragile.
It is really a big blow to Lazio that modric was injured after more than ten minutes.
Modric is the core organization of Lazio midfield, and he will do the attack.
He means a lot to Lazio.
And Lazio players, especially strikers, are used to modric sending straight balls again and again.
It’s hard for them to get a little uncomfortable when modric is not on the court.
What Chang Sheng can do now is to let Motta organize the attack and let cazorla retreat more to strengthen the midfield control ability.
Before the game, all kinds of plans and tactical arrangements did not expect that modric would be injured, not to mention it was so early …
After arranging the substitution, he shouted on the sidelines to signal the players to stay calm and play at the original rhythm.
"It’s no big deal! We are the leader! "
He can’t even paddle on the sidelines, but to be honest, I don’t even know if he can always win by doing so.
Manchester United is like a beast. After losing a goal, it didn’t demoralize them, but angered them.
Their offensive was like a tidal wave, which led to modric’s injury field.
Now they are even more afraid to see Lazio’s midfield core go.
Lazio, although leading, had to turn to strategic defense.
Lazio failed to keep their goal in the 30 th minute and Manchester United broke it.
What’s wrong with Lazio’s defensive tactics? Actually, there isn’t.
This goal is the best embodiment of personal ability.
Cristiano ronaldo forced a breakthrough after taking the ball in the middle.
Ledesma followed him all the time and interfered with him. As a result, cristiano ronaldo made a direct long-range shot of the football, drew a curve that was not obvious and got into the goal.
Handanovic tried his best to save, but it was beyond his reach.
Ronaldo kicked a dead corner kick!
"The world bobo bobo bobo bobo bobo! !”
"Ronaldo finally made a force! He scored a goal but didn’t bring victory to the team. Now he wants revenge! "
Ronaldo’s shot is really beautiful. A long shot at a distance of 30 meters from the goal is like a cruise missile.
After the goal, cristiano ronaldo’s original Yuan God roared in the sky!
Seems to vent all the depression in the final
Since losing the game, his heart has been squeezed with anger.
Now it is finally vented in this long whistle.
He Ronaldo wants to be the best player in the world!
But what is the best player if there is no Champions League champion?
Lazio is his enemy.
This time he will bury Lazio himself!
In the face of such a losing goal, it is really something to say.
This is the ultimate embodiment of the player’s personal ability. It is not surprising that Ronaldo shoots such a ball. He has been good at long-range shooting since he came.
It’s not even dare to say that God secretly helps Changsheng.
But the so-called constant victory has made a decision in his heart, and he doesn’t care about God.
Anyway, there is a goal to go to.
The coach’s best ability is this kind of ball just now.
There’s nothing wrong with your tactical arrangement, and there’s nothing wrong with your formation. It’s still no problem to choose the player’s state
You have done everything you can, but you still can’t stop this kind of ball from appearing.
Before cristiano ronaldo shot, he was always disturbed by ledesma, which was his own request. He knew very well that cristiano ronaldo shot long.
Ledesma is not lazy either, as can be seen from the frequency of physical confrontation between him and cristiano ronaldo.
But still let cristiano ronaldo score.
What can this say?
It can be said that cristiano ronaldo is too cattle!
It must be naive if someone United scored a goal at half-time to tie the score.
Manchester United came for revenge. How could they give up the chance to score easily?
It’s just to tie the score
Don’t listen to Ferguson’s nonsense
What ordinary Champions League game?
The old man used a hair dryer in the dressing room before the game to remind every Manchester United player how he lost the final at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow last summer.
What he said before was not revenge, but just to paralyze Lazio.