Not far from the alley, Wang Yang looked at a face of doubt, and Asina couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at?" Asina frowned.
"No, nothing."
Wang Yang convergence smile slowly looked up through the alley in the middle of the debris can be seen vaguely belongs to the sky blue.
Wang Yang sent an invitation to the girl in front of her.
Asina glanced at Wang Yang and nodded "Good".
So two people with the same idea began to look for high returns in the complicated alleys.
1 minute …
Minutes …
Three minutes …
Silent for 30 minutes, two people walked through dozens of alleys, not to mention sending np without even a trace. Obviously, even if there is a high-yield np in the alley, it is not so easy to find and trigger it.
"Still going on?"
Silently watching Diane eyebrow twisted together, Asina Wang Yang asked lightly.
"Of course," she answered without hesitation.
Wang Yang shrugged his shoulders and went ahead.
To be honest, after so many waves, he really wanted to send an email to ask Argo, but he gave up at the thought of receiving it. After all, he was in such a favorable environment, and if Cole went to get high-yield information, it would be equivalent exchange.
Wang Yang went ahead, and Asina followed. This form lasted for thirty minutes just now.
I have been watching Wang Yang’s back buried in my heart, and my doubts are deeply hidden. I finally got up the courage to ask questions, but I was always stuck in my throat, so I kept silent.
He has joined the blood alliance now …
Yasina silently looked at the back ahead.
What kind of person is he?
I met again and again, but I never learned more about it. I made eye contact and talked in a few words, but I could clearly feel his change every time I met him.
The one in front of the monument to life is confused with him …
The maze is not afraid to block the stick for himself. That he …
The deep eyes in bss war stared at bss, and he …
As if he had predicted, he accurately blocked the fatal blow for Tilberu …
There was that big door in his eyes a few hours ago. He …
So he never took part in bss war after the first floor
What kind of person is it?
Although there are too many doubts, Asina won’t want to solve them, because there is an idea in her mind now, that is, moving forward faster than people.
"I always feel that it is also a wave time to go like this."
And walked an ordinary strange alley Wang Yang stopped and rubbed his temples.
"ah? Oh … "
Asina leng leng immediately realized that she was too slow to respond and hurriedly replied.
Wang Yang looked back strangely and looked absent-minded. Asina put her waist in place and asked, "Do you want to continue?"
"I don’t think so." Asina sighed in a low voice and looked disappointed at the dark wall. It was a rare opportunity but it was going to end.
The alley is so quiet that a pin can be heard when it falls to the ground. Wang Yang heard the low sigh of nature.
It is unfair to know her because I have seen anime more than anyone else in all the original works. It is a kind of inexplicable injustice rooted in memory.
I know you, I know you better, but you don’t. This is why it’s so unfair.
Sometimes it is not a joy to be able to peel off other people’s clothes easily, which will lose the motivation of many people to get along with each other for no reason.
Today, Argo is the only one who laughs like a fox. She won’t make Wang Yang feel abrupt.
But even so, except Argo, Wang Yang has been avoiding contact and didn’t realize it.
Anime analysis shows that the famous Asina girl is not behind her now. Although this girl is the same person, the place where her feet are located is not made by human beings. A picture is not a place where the picture seen from her mind is real enough to make people down to earth.
And here I am …
Wang Yang eyelids slowly lift without looking back.
"Look again. There’s still time."
Words fall is the pace.
Asina closed down on the wall and looked straight at the back in front of her. Disappointed, she lifted her steps and followed that back.
Passing through the sundries and falling into the lane, the sun is shining in that lane, and the back is not bright and light.
Before you know it, Asina has an idea to understand, although it has sprouted like a bud …
At the same time, an incredible name of the swordsman tablet was broadcast by the players. Because the news was shocking, it was broadcast at an outrageous speed. Almost all players knew the news ten minutes before the transfer door opened.
The bss located on the fifth floor was successfully attacked by one person alone!
Today, the team has been fully staffed to attack bss, and there are still casualties. However, someone has succeeded in beheading bss alone.
It is difficult to describe the fact that the silver hook is written on behalf of the real pen on the wall of honor.
So at this moment, the players trapped in Ain Grande know a name with a new attitude.