Because of this, maybe Yulang and them can live in the big palace. The Lord always hates her, and she stole the heart of the big palace.
Jiang Feng witnessed his beloved wife’s suicide. He hated it and was in great pain, but he could do nothing.
Only to die with her
Jiang Feng killed himself. He wanted to struggle to get close to Huayue slave, but the white skirt of the moon was like a moat blocking his sight. They died together.
At the last moment of Jiang Feng’s life, he heard the most vicious curse in the world.
"Jiang Feng’s father will pay off your debts, and I will let your children pay off your debts for you."
"Sister, what do you want to do?"
Flow star is kind-hearted, although she never dares to disobey and invite the moon, but her love for Jiang Feng and pity for two children who know nothing finally made her speak.
Inviting the moon is cruel, like the most inhuman god. It seems that Jiang Feng took her love with her when she died. Maybe she knows what it is, which makes her crazy enough to destroy the sky.
"Kill is"
Inviting the moon without hesitation said contemptuously, but how can the hatred in my heart be eliminated?
This is the first time that Liu Xing disobeyed her sister and deceived her. She was so calm when she invited the moon to see through all eyes. Fortunately, she succeeded. My sister promised not to kill the two children and kept them to kill each other in the future to get back at Jiang Feng and Huayue slave.
They took one child and the rest was taken away by Yan Nantian later.
The boy with intact face became the only boy in the Flower Palace, and invited the moon to give him a name.
"It is natural that the children in the flower palace should be perfect."
This is the idea of inviting the moon at that time, even though she still can’t help but want to kill him
Merciful star knows her sister, she knows the meaning behind that look, but she dare not say it again. Merciful star excuses to help the child take care of the nurse, leave the moon and stay alone with the child in the cradle, hoping that the child can make her sister soft-hearted.
When the pity star left, she invited the moon to the cradle. Her eyes were heavy and she stared at the sleeping child in the cradle. She was so weak that he would die if she squeezed it gently. Thinking about inviting the moon so much, she couldn’t restrain her hatred, and her long white fingers slowly approached the sleeping child.
It takes a little closer, and the child will die. Inviting the moon is exciting, and my heart is pounding. It is a kind of madness that people can’t understand.
At this moment, the sleeping child woke up. The child had a pair of eyes as affectionate as his father’s. Zheng Zheng’s skin was soft and delicate, and he hugged his fingers like a soft cotton.
The child smiled innocently, as if clinging to himself was the most precious treasure in the world. In the child’s black eyes, she was alone, believing that she depended on her and that she was his world.
I don’t want to kill him at this moment. This child belongs to her.
When Liu Xing came back with the wet nurse, she looked at Invited Moon sitting next to the cradle, and the child held her hand. Her sister was still as high and as cold as ever, which made people approach. But at the moment, she was not as angry as before. It was unbelievable to find Invited Moon reappearing with such a faint tenderness.
The pity star is released. Anyway, the child will not die now.
In this way, the flower shortage grew up day by day in the flower transfer palace.
I have something to say.
It’s killing me to take a trip to mentoring P’s new generation recently, so I’ll just eat a piece of cake. Don’t be too hard!
Chapter, chapter
Hua Que has been an obedient child since he was a child. He is very clever and does not cry or make trouble. The child is born like this, but the poor star can’t help but feel sorry for him. But in her sister’s majesty, she feels that she can’t do anything.
Inviting the moon is where a person who pursues perfection is short of flowers. When he was young, he chose to help him get through the body and muscles, so he could practice martial arts in the future.
Inviting the moon to wander through the flower-deficient body with powerful overbearing force, and getting through a channel, the child’s small body can’t help but tremble and his face also shows a painful expression.
Poor star feels that she can’t even bear the invitation to the moon. What’s more, she is short of such a child. She couldn’t help but give advice, but she was going to say something in the cold eyes of inviting the moon and swallowed it back to worry about looking at the two.
After inviting the moon to recover its strength, the flower shortage has already collapsed to the ground. The pity star finally couldn’t help but rush to hold the child. Some complained, "Sister needs him so little, there is no need to be in such a hurry!"
Inviting the moon to hold her hand in place, white and wide, her hands shaking a little, but it was found that she naturally knew that she couldn’t hurt the flower shortage, but if she thought about suffering less at this time, she would be afraid of suffering more in the future. Naturally, she couldn’t tell the pity star.
Inviting the moon to know that ordinary people can’t stand it. She patiently and carefully controls her strength to swim around other bodies and break through every acupoint and tendon, because once she is wrong, the child will be finished.
It’s like inviting the moon after getting through the veins for flowers. It’s hard to say that dozens of martial arts experts are generally exhausted from the enemy’s rear.
"I knew that when a woman was a child, she didn’t work hard and was killed in the future. Do you want me to get justice for her?"
Inviting the moon to pity the star also hates iron and does not produce. She never knows how to speak in a gentle tone and indifference is the best response.
Inviting the moon to leave, I caught a glimpse of the lack of flowers in the arms of the flow star before I left. The flow star complained that my sister was too eager for quick success and distressed for the lack of flowers at an early age, so I couldn’t help but say a few words when I took the lack of flowers back to rest.
"Without your aunt, she …"
Flowing star words haven’t finished yet. The flowers are short of service roads. "Little aunt needs to know that big aunt is good for me. I’m not uncomfortable at all, but I’m a little tired."
Inviting the moon to get through the veins for him because the flowers are still small takes several hours, which is more than usual. How can a child hold on when it takes a little more time?
Is it uncomfortable for pity star to be surprised at the lack of flowers? You know, her sister helped her to get through the tendons when her cultivation of jade gong was blocked. How can she not feel bad?
I don’t mind asking the child not to resent them. I just want the flow star to settle down and leave when I see him sleeping.
In the morning, I woke up feeling refreshed without any discomfort. I was very happy, but there seemed to be a familiar smell in my breath. Did my aunt come?
Inviting the moon has a special sweet smell like a Lanfei musk deer. Once you smell it, you won’t forget that the flowers have been around the moon-inviting star since childhood. Although inviting the moon doesn’t take care of him as much as the star, he knows that his aunt is kind to him and he can feel it.
Knowing that I invited the moon to visit him quietly on the night of the moon is as sweet as drinking honey. Because I invited the moon, I have always been so cold and arrogant. The flower shortage is more than I expected. My aunt is the most beautiful and powerful person in the world.