The two brothers and sisters came to Lian Xiaoman, and even Fang Zhou reached out and held her and shouted, "Third Aunt!"
This suddenly shocked everyone, including Xiaoman himself.
Even the heart secretly relieved to lift the foot and gently took it back.
Great aunt Zhang also arrived at this time and looked at Zheng.
"Three aunt since big uncle, aunt refused to take you we go there! I am willing to take you in. "Even Fang Zhou holds even Xiaoman’s hand. A word is very soft, but the meaning is very crisp and frank.
Besides, her word is "take in", which means that she even owns Fangzhou.
Aunt Zhang’s heart turned white when she heard her say this. She couldn’t help secretly praising her and making up her mind to give her a hand later.
They all didn’t expect that even Fangzhou was so generous that they couldn’t help talking about it.
Lian Fangzhou smiled faintly and said, "Should!" If you talk more, Joe’s is not happy.
She felt that Lian Fangzhou was deliberately taunting her and giving her a hard time-otherwise, why did she come to take in Lian Xiaoman now? Can’t we wait for the crowd to disperse?
Joe’s heart is not angry, but it’s hard to speak. It’s like she’s fighting with Lian Fangzhou to stay with Xiaoman. She won’t do it!
Even stand there has been relieved cried "good good you go to fangzhou home! So are we. Hello! How much food can Fang Zhou’s family eat for four children? It doesn’t matter if you have more than one! Unlike we count rice pots every day, alas, we can’t help it. A Hai Nian wants money! You will suffer with us. "
Lian Li’s explanation is very good. It is not acceptable to spread out his difficulties. Even Xiaoman has difficulties, which makes people feel disgusted.
After all, whose family is not heavy? Poor parents!
Even the little man repeatedly sneered at the ground and spat at the ground and stared at Lian Li. "If you really think so, I don’t blame you. You should have made it clear to me from the beginning! Why didn’t you say it at first, but only when Fang Zhou came and she spoke first? What’s wrong? I’m good. It’s just that you are happy to say generous things when Fang Zhou said so! I don’t know if I really think you are a thing! Hum, when you’re a bitch, you have to set up a memorial arch and say it’s you! "
"You-"Lian Li didn’t expect even Xiaoman to say it so hard to listen to him in front of him, and his face was red with anger.
The crowd couldn’t help laughing again.
Even the little man’s words are ugly, but when they think about it, they think it’s really such a reason.
I’m afraid that before Lian Fangzhou came, the two of them thought that it was like stopping Lian Xiaoman from entering the door and forbidding her to take advantage of her family. Where did she really think about it? If she really wants to, even if she can’t think of Fang Zhou, let her come into the house and then sit down and discuss it slowly!
There is no one who blocks people at the door, turns his face cold and picks up ready-made cheap, saying that people think!
Everyone was talking about it, and I couldn’t help being even more shameless.
Listen to Lian Li said that even Fangzhou’s brother and sister looked at each other at the back tunnel "disgusting". I didn’t expect even Xiaoman to hurt them unceremoniously. Even Fangzhou couldn’t help secretly laughing. Suddenly, I felt that it was quite good to take in the three aunts. In the future, there will be fewer people to deal with the hateful big uncles and aunts.
After all, she is a junior, and she has done a lot of this kind of thing, even if she is right, it is not very good, but her third aunt is different!
Joe’s original heart was filled with joy when he heard her husband say that. He could talk, but before he recovered, he was even beaten by Xiaoman. Joe couldn’t help screaming from embarrassment, "It’s really hard for good people to do this year!" Well, we wanted to make it clear at first, but you’ve been crying all the time. How can you ask people to talk? Good words are worn out by you! A dead man like you doesn’t say to behave and stay in her husband’s house. How dare a woman swear? Thanks to you! You are the restless bitch! "
"Bitch, I’ll rip your mouth off!" Even the little man was so angry that he stared at Joe’s eyes and tried to fight with her.
Qiao’s eyes were red and he swore "bia!"
Both of them struggled to break away from pulling people to fight, and everyone was busy trying to persuade them.
Even Fang Zhou frowned and took a glance. Even Xiaoman was so angry that he almost cried, but he held back his face and couldn’t help but give birth to two points of sympathy and hated Joe’s more.
As the saying goes, even Xiaoman is a widow, so it is easy to get into trouble. In this era, it is impossible for a widow’s family to get into trouble, but Qiao’s mouth is full of malice.
"Aunt! Third aunt! " Even fangzhou suddenly shouted
The sudden and crisp drinking in this life shocked everyone, including cockfighting and red eyes, even Xiaoman and Ma Shi.
A crow is a real crow. It didn’t ring at all. Chapter 3 Let me tell you the truth.
Because no one thought that even a thin little girl in Fangzhou would have such courage and courage, and there was no reaction.
"Big aunt three aunt you don’t make so much noise, as you are so noisy to noisy until dawn in addition to sore throat hoarse also won’t have a fruit is a family will! Third aunt, let’s go! "
Even fangzhou took a deep breath and said firmly
"Want you-"Joe’s white even took a look at Fangzhou and was about to say "Want you to mind your own business" and even made a look at it. She suddenly recovered and hurriedly shut up and changed her "hum".
Even the little man SiJin gouged out her eyes with a low sneer-that’s a real sneer that makes people feel a little cold.
"Fang Zhou is right, everyone is scattered!" Lianliyang avenue
Even fangzhou disdained to leave the pie mouth quietly. Someone really didn’t know how thick-skinned he was, and he had the nerve to speak again.
At this time, they finally came to their senses, and they also talked about saying yes, but the discussion added a new home. How can this girl be so powerful!
Everyone is dispersing that Qiao’s anger, but even Fang Zhou-she just decided that Lian Fang Zhou deliberately waited until the two of them and Lian Xiaoman were in a hurry to come over and deliberately watch them make a fool of themselves, so as to show her good!
Jia Lian Fang Zhou just drank so much that even she drank in it, and when the tie happened, she actually listened to her drink and stopped yelling at Lian Xiaoman. Doesn’t that mean she listened to Lian Fang Zhou’s words? How can this work!
Joe’s anger fell on even Fangzhou. She knew that even the little man was deliberately shouting, "Fangzhou niece, your brothers and sisters have never had a master, just to take your three aunts back home to get money in and out, or to touch anything, and there is an elder in charge! Otherwise, it’s not like it! "
Even Fangzhou is still wondering what to think of, and clearly tell the host and guest to Lian Xiaoman in front of everyone. Otherwise, maybe even Xiaoman will really do something in the future. She is not good at talking, and it is in her heart to hear Joe’s words.
Even fangzhou diffuseness avenue "big aunt this makes no sense! How can you ruin the name of your third aunt? What do you think of third aunt who has third aunt’s house but comes to be the head of her family? What do you think of our company? Does that mean that even my daughter can run back to her family to be the master in the future when she is married? That’s nothing! The third aunt is white and won’t be as confused as you! "
Aunt Zhang had already helped even Fangzhou to hold it together, and even Xiaoman nodded and said, "Fangzhou is right! I’ve never seen a married aunt act so regardless of her name! Sister Joe shouldn’t say that! "