The more you look back at Zhang Xiaotian’s face, the more surprised you are.
"Soul fruit! Bury the spirit flower! Read the grass! Ghost flowers … "One by one turned out to be an increase in the mind, baby. Fortunately, Zhang Xiaotian knew a lot of natural materials and treasures from Qin Wan, otherwise he would have seen ordinary flowers and plants. Qin Wan is the daughter of the ghost emperor. There are some things that she just hasn’t seen. She can also know how to know so many natural materials and treasures in general. It is lucky enough to be able to meet them in her life.
Zhang Xiaotian has a black liquor that can refine and increase his mind. Blackstone I was surprised to see so many natural materials and treasures here, but it was not so shocking to him.
Seeing Zhang Xiaotian chanting the names of these natural materials and treasures one by one, Xiao Ran was a little surprised and said with a smile, "I didn’t expect you to know so many natural materials and treasures in Xiaotian!" It is really surprising that a black kid can recognize so many natural talents and treasures.
"Ha ha! Brother Xiao, I just know more things, and there are many things here that I don’t know, but brother Xiao, you really have such a natural gift! " See XiaoRan surprised Zhang Xiaotian embarrassed and said.
"Ha ha! No matter how much treasure there is to increase one’s mind, I say the second, and no one dares to say that he is the first! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian words XiaoRan some proud and said.
"well! I’m afraid there is really no one who has so many treasures in prison! I think Brother Xiao must have worked hard to find these natural treasures in those days! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded some exclamation said.
Even the three forces of Qin Wan’s father’s hand, hell, one day, the whole force of the ghost gate has increased its mind and talent, and there are not so many treasures. Of course, Zhang Xiaotian knows that Xiaoran’s creation of such a medicine garden is supported by constantly new types of treasures that increase his mind and talent.
Three holy things to increase the mind. There are two kinds of grass here! Can increase the mind and control the spirit wave 500 waves! And there are still so many trees! However, this day, Lingcao will lose its soul-eye tree! Every 500 years, a drop of spiritual fluid will flow out from the tree soul’s eyes, but the increase in mind power is fixed, which can make a blue-qualified ghost practice reach as much as a red-qualified ghost practice. Although it is less, it is better than a drop every 500 years.
"Ha ha! It is true that there is no less effort! I was hunted by those big families when I lost so many talents and treasures! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian exclamation XiaoRan said with a smile.
"Chased by those big families?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised.
"Yes! You have so many natural talents and treasures that it is so easy to find land. If I had to find it myself, let alone thousands of years or tens of thousands of years, I would never have found half as much here! " Xiaoran laughs at way
"Don’t Xiao Dage rob … move from those big families?" Zhang Xiaotian wanted to think that the word "rob" is not pleasant to hear and quickly changed the word and asked.
"Rob is rob bai! What’s the shame? If it weren’t for the old guy, King Earth Treasure, who wanted to face the dragon, how could he die so early? " XiaoRan smile and said
"It’s a pity that the body of the abandoned beast is constantly consuming the mind, but it eats the same food as other ghosts. It can’t afford to increase the mind. Although there are many natural materials and treasures here, I don’t know how long it can last!" Xiao Leng said that in the end, some were bare. After all, he promised Dragon Son that abandoning the beast one day would not let it follow in her footsteps. But … If this is the case, fat boy will eventually die on this day, but it is only a matter of time before "Xiao Dage! I have always had a doubt about the abandoned beast! I don’t know what to say! " Zhang Xiaotian some hesitation.
"oh? What doubts? " Xiao Ran is a little excited. Zhang Xiaotian is that the owner of the abandoned animal is likely to have some important problems on this day, and the existing problems are likely to help solve the problem that the abandoned animal will eventually die. He has studied for thousands of years and has made no progress. Can you not be excited to hear Zhang Xiaotian say this?
"Abandoning the animal body is equivalent to an energy consumer, so where is the energy it consumes? If it is scattered and escaped, but we can’t feel the loss of energy in it, but it keeps sucking like a bottom hole! I wonder if this energy is somewhere. And what all abandoned animals have in common is the first seal. I suspect that all energy has been absorbed by that seal. If so, if we let this seal absorb enough energy or stop absorbing energy, will the abandoned animals return to normal this day? " Zhang Xiaotian said his guess out slowly.
"Well, I thought so before, but how can I make this seal absorb enough energy? If it is a bottom hole, I am afraid it will never be exhausted! " XiaoRan frowned and said I didn’t expect Zhang Xiaotian to say it was this problem.
"I thought of a saying that water overflows when it is full, just like people in the secular world can’t eat more if they are full. It takes a while to digest the previous meal before they can eat, but if they are forced to eat, they are likely to die. It is also like when we are practicing ghosts, the sooner we absorb the soul force, the better. But if we absorb too much soon, then our bodies are likely to collapse." Zhang Xiaotian thought for a moment and said.
XiaoRan eyes a bright nasty asked "what do you mean …"
"Sister-in-law spent some time every once in a while the day before yesterday!" Zhang Xiaotian did not answer and asked.
"Yes!" Xiao Ran can eat every kind of treasure once. Of course, the longer it takes, the longer it will live. Otherwise, if you eat a lot, it will be digested by your body and you won’t be able to eat it. Isn’t it going to die soon?
Zhang Xiaotian nodded slightly relieved "that’s right! I mean, let the abandoned beast eat as quickly as possible, increase his mind, and break that seal! "
"Break the seal?" Before XiaoRan was startled, he never thought about it. He thought about how to study this seal.
"well! People who eat too much at one time can support the dead devil to repair and absorb the soul force, and if they absorb too much at one time, they can burst, and this seal can be broken if I absorb too much at one time! " Zhang Xiaotian said that he was not too sure about this method. The other day, when he was trying to kill Ghost Xiu, he also let Fat Boy absorb a lot of black liquor at a time, but it didn’t work. Fat Boy hasn’t changed much. Zhang Xiaotian suspected that it might be that black liquor was absorbed too little at a time.
"Your guess is very reasonable, but I can’t just make a hasty decision. After all, if this may not be established or if there are too few treasures to eat at one time, it may fail. In that case, it is hard for me to find other kinds of treasures to increase my mind and make it eat here, but I have won ten kinds of treasures to increase my mind in hell! Other species are either extinct or hidden by those families in hell! So many kinds of natural materials and treasures can live for at least a hundred years if they are abandoned slowly in one day. And if you fail, you may live for decades, "said XiaoRan with a dignified look.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Pick a few!
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded for XiaoRan this sentence also didn’t care too much, even if XiaoRan don’t do this, he will try his black stone magic weapon to refine black liquor, but nothing can be said at a time, even if XiaoRan fails to do so, he can keep the fat boy alive, but if the problem is solved now, he can rest assured.
"It seems that you, a brother, I didn’t recognize the problem of abandoning animals in vain. I thought for thousands of years and I didn’t come up with any progress. As soon as you thought of this matter, you said that this idea is likely to be established. Let me think about it!" Xiaoran said with a smile
Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said nothing.
"By the way, brother! You pick a few! " Suddenly xiaoran mouth way
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian some vacant.
"You and I brought you here to show you? I repeat here that you can take whatever you want! How can the qualification of being my Xiaoran brother be poor? " Xiaoran said with a smile
"Can I have some if I repeat it?" Hear XiaoRan Zhang Xiaotian some unbelievable and some excitement.
"Yes!" See Zhang Xiaotian a face of excited sample XiaoRan smilingly said.
"By the way, Xiao Dage! Can a ghost repair qualification be reliable? These natural materials and treasures have been increasing without limit? " Zhang Xiaotian suddenly thought of a question and hesitated to ask.
"Er … I think so!" XiaoRan leng said slowly
"It should be?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned.
"Where there are so many natural resources, let’s increase the mind? Anyway, I didn’t reach the limit! " Xiaoran said with a smile
"Not to the limit?" Zhang Xiaotian leng a how is it possible?
"Have you passed so many natural materials and treasures?" Zhang Xiaotian don’t give up asking so many natural resources and treasures can at least make an ordinary ghost repair qualification reach gold, and maybe even reach the green level. What’s worse, Brother Xiao is a level spirit beast! Plus the predecessor’s mind. How high should that be?
Is there a time limit for black liquor? Zhang Xiao, as some worry, thought, but it’s not right. Sanying’s original qualifications are not weak, but their reading ability is similar to their own, so they can’t make black liquor weaker than their own reading ability.
"More than this is not less than this. Although there are several kinds here that I don’t have, I ate some other treasures to increase my mind when Qianlonger was still here." Xiaoran asked Zhang Xiaotian some questions about these things but still replied.
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian is a little lost, and a lot of treasures are in front of him, but now he may not be able to make them.
"Brother! Which ones do you like? Rest assured! I won’t be stingy if I repeat it! " XiaoRan see Zhang Xiaotian have this loss not export said.
"Brother Xiao, how many waves can your mental attack wave reach?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian looked up at XiaoRan export and asked.
Xiao Ran frowned. Generally speaking, I won’t tell others how many waves the spirit attack wave can reach. Because hell is a strong place, the world is full of killings. For the enemy, the more mysterious he is, the better. But after thinking about it, he still said, "If I don’t use special skills, my spirit attack wave can reach 3,719 waves!"
"bang!" Zhang Xiaotian breath a mouthful of air conditioning three thousand seven hundred waves! It’s even two and a half orders higher than that ghost ghost emperor green qualification!
I feel a little lucky and disappointed. Fortunately, my mind can still be high. Disappointed, the effect of black liquor on myself has failed. I don’t know if I can always have some worries about fat boy, Zhang Xiao, as in my heart, thought.
"why?" XiaoRan see Zhang Xiaotian expression some strange couldn’t help export asked.
"I didn’t expect Xiao Dage’s qualification to be so high. I don’t know how much higher it is than that demon emperor!" Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.