I heard Mu Qingfeng blush like a ripe apple until last night.
"Good male Yingying will do it." Yingying sounds like a mosquito.
"Let’s go, eldest brother. I’m afraid I can’t ask why for a while, but at least our horse will know the result, right?" Muqingfeng greeted Bai Qiaoli.
"Well, if Liu Min wakes up, ask someone to inform me." Bai Qiao charged the jailer.
"Yes, the temple," replied the jailer.
Back in Wangfu, Yingying is really like Mu Qingfeng said. The chef cooked a meal for them, and it was a pleasure for them to eat it.
I came here to do it for Mu Qingfeng alone. Who knows that Xiao Langzhong had to pull Bai Wei, and they euphemistically said that they were afraid that their brothers would be lonely, so that scene appeared
"I said smelly little you are really a lot of happiness. For no reason, I picked up a beautiful girl who will not only warm the bed, but also pity my old man for fighting hard. In the end, it is disgusting to eat some food." After the meal, Xiao Langzhong continued to bicker.
"I want to say Xiao Langzhong, can’t you stop?" Mu Qingfeng really didn’t recruit.
Bai Qiao couldn’t see what he was about to say, but the sudden news shocked everyone present.
"Report to my world Liu Min has just been found dead in the prison! ! !”
The news of the jailer was absolutely a bolt from the blue.
play into sb’s hands
After hearing the news, Bai Qiao froze for a long time and then slammed his glass to the ground.
"What’s the matter? ! ! Do you all eat for nothing? How did Lu Min die? You tell me who is responsible! !”
In the face of Bai Qiao’s anger, the jailer lowered his head deeply and dared not answer.
"Eldest brother, don’t be impulsive. Although Liu Min is dead, I don’t think it’s that simple." Muqingfeng thought for a while and quickly took the rampage.
"Brother, don’t blame brother for his gaffes. We just learned a little news from Lu Min’s mouth that the charm pavilion was going to stir up a mutiny, but Lu Min actually died. Aren’t we working in vain these days? How can we fight back if we don’t know Lu Min’s goal?" Bai Qiao’s hand was scratched by a cup fragment, and he was bleeding without any notice.
"Let me ask you," Mu Qingfeng asked the first jailer without hesitation. "Who knows about Lu Min’s death?"
"Report back to the public, except me and a few duty personnel, the leader of Angel knows." The jailer said with trepidation.
"From now on, Liu Min’s death in prison must not be leaked. You go ahead. Angel leaders rushed to call me. If there is a little news leaked now, I will cut off all your guards’ heads! !” Mu Qingfeng said seriously
The jailer is really tourist trap. He realized that Mu Qingfeng was not joking.
"Don’t bother to eat a doctor’s advice. Please follow this jailer to see how Liu Min died. To be honest, there are not many people I can trust except you." Muqingfeng turned back to Xiao’s doctor’s advice.
"It’s bad luck to follow you. The living haven’t seen a few net dead people these days. I hope Liu Min’s egg won’t die in torture or the old name will be ruined." Although Xiao Langzhong is not happy, there is no way to follow the jailer.
"Brother, what does this mean? Why do you want to block the news when Lu Min is dead? Can you still ask words from the dead? " Bai Qiao puzzled and asked.
"The dead can’t talk, but the living will especially kill Lu Min. I think he must know more." Mu Qingfeng said slowly.
"Brother knows who the murderer is?" Bai Qiao was surprised that Mu Qingfeng had an idea so quickly.
Mu Qingfeng shook his head with a wry smile. "I wish I was wrong. Alas, it turns out that everything is well arranged. It’s really letting people."
Mu Qingfeng’s novels put forward his own conclusions.
"Brothers, are you sure? !” Bai Qiao doesn’t want to believe this is true. After all, there are people involved in this matter.
"Whether or not to wait for Xiao Langzhong to come back?" Muqingfeng was not in a hurry and slowly sat down to Bai Qiao and poured a glass of wine.
"Brother’s tolerance is really not as good as yours." Since Muqingfeng has answers, just believe him.
"The forgive! ! I really don’t know what happened. We found him dead when we went to deliver him food today. "Before we walked down the aisle, Angel cried.
"You all found someone to be the warden. You’re a coward." Xiao Langzhong sat on the stool and drank directly. It seems that he was tired.
Ignoring Angel’s yelling, Bai Qiao was a look and let Angel shut up. "I wonder what Xiao Langzhong found when he explored the body?"
"Liu Min died of poisoning, and it was after we left. I still don’t know that this poison is more toxic. I don’t know anything else." Xiao Langzhong told Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiao everything he knew.
"In that case, you may have to be wronged by the leader of Angel," Muqingfeng said to Angel, who was already paralyzed with fear.
"Public words please say Lao wang I must try my best! !” Angel heard that he was still beneficial to value, so hurry to make sure.
"From now on, you have to live in Lu Min’s cell and pretend to be Lu Min until we catch the person we want." Mu Qingfeng said his plan
"What makes me live on death row? You don’t want to find an excuse to kill me, do you? I’m not guilty of death in Angel." Angel’s legs trembled when he heard that he was going to death row.
"Where did you come from? If you don’t agree with me, I’ll cut you down for dereliction of duty now! !” Bai Wei has lost his power.
"Okay, I promise." Angel, don’t do anything else.
After Angel went to prepare, Xiao Langzhong wondered, "What are you up to, smelly boy?"
"Nothing makes the fox show his tail." Muqingfeng smiled.
"mystifying! !” Xiao Langzhong snorted angrily.
When they came, Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiaozhuang spent the quiet time during the day like nothing happened.
It’s late to prevent embarrassing things like yesterday. Mu Qingfeng came to Yinger’s room.
"What, are you going to have Yingying take care of you tonight?" Yinger was surprised at Muqingfeng’s arrival.
"That’s not me. I’m here to tell you to have a good rest. I have to go to the prison to interrogate the prisoner. Maybe you got up early, so you won’t follow me." Mu Qingfeng quickly explained.
"Are you still mad at me in the daytime? I really have never seen such a scene, and I was so fierce at that time." Yingying also came to blame herself and explained quickly.
"I didn’t mean that. After all, it’s not good to let a girl touch something like that." Mu Qingfeng said the reason why he wouldn’t let her go.
"I know you are my good friend, but Yinger said that she would never leave the company again. Even if she is a devil, Yinger would rather be a devil’s handmaid." Yinger’s persistence made Mu Qingfeng very resistant.
"Well, since you insist, I won’t say anything. In that case, you go to bed early and I’ll call you." Mu Qingfeng raised his hand and surrendered.
"Thank you! !” Seeing that she seems to have been recognized by Mu Qingfeng, Yinger is particularly worried.
Mu Qingfeng came to Yinger’s room early the next morning to think that if she didn’t get up, she would sneak past. I didn’t expect Yinger to have finished washing and waiting for herself.
"Didn’t you just sneak around to throw Yingying?" Yinger cocked his head and said to Muqingfeng
"Then how can I? I’m here to call you." Muqingfeng smiled wryly.
Called Bai Qiao and Xiao Langzhong Mu Qingfeng and even brought Mu Chongshan.
"Brother, what do you think Lu Min will do today?" Bai Qiao knows the past and asks.
"That depends on Xiao Langzhong. I hope he can recover from yesterday’s injury." Muqingfeng made signal with the lips.
"Mr What mouth don’t believe in the old, old the most measured today is absolutely not to let him say half words just fainted! !” Doctor Xiao hates it when people question their own affairs.
A few people chatted unconsciously and arrived at the door of the prison.
After the inquest, the jailer at the door put them in.
Soon they came to the door of death row to see Angel pretending to be Liu Min with long hair and limp in the cell. Muqingfeng laughed in his heart. This Angel outfit is quite like it.
"It’s time for Commander Lu to wake up. Shall we continue today?" Mu Qingfeng gently knocked on the guardrail and smiled like a demon.